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Approved! State Transportation Commission Awards $247 Million for I-5 Improvements

Compiled from Interchange staff and news releases from Caltrans and Metro

The state has approved $2.7 billion in project funding that includes $247 million for the next phase of the Interstate 5 North Los Angeles County Capacity Enhancement Project, clearing the way for the highly anticipated addition of toll-free carpool lanes in northern Los Angeles County.

The decision by the California Transportation Commission was hailed by Golden State Gateway Coalition leaders as a major step forward for the coalition’s top-priority project.

“This is a major step in moving this much-needed project forward,” said Victor Lindenheim, executive director of the Golden State Gateway Coalition. “We’re very pleased that the California Transportation Commission agreed that the project should be among the state’s top priorities for highway construction funding.”

The $539.2 million I-5 (Golden State Freeway) Chokepoint Relief Project will add truck lanes, HOV lanes, auxiliary lanes, sound walls, and an ITS hub station. It will also widen seven bridges and improve access to the California Highway Patrol’s…
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Caltrans I-5 Info Online

Caltrans has created an interesting and informative website, www.i-5info.com, to provide the public with information about improvements being made to the Interstate 5 corridor in northern Los Angeles County. Check it out!


Golden State Gateway Coalition:

Who We Are and What We Do

The Golden State Gateway Coalition (I-5) is a non-profit transportation education and advocacy organization based in Santa Clarita. 

  • Our members include community, business and government leaders who live in, work in and represent the interests of the fastest growing sub-region in Los Angeles County. 

  • Our goal is to improve roadway mobility, safety and goods movement throughout northern Los Angeles County.

  • The Interstate 5 corridor is our priority. It is an important regional transportation facility and is a key economic lifeline linking job centers, cities, ports, agriculture, and tourist attractions throughout California.

Newsletter Available Online

The Golden State Gateway Coalition has released the Summer 2018 edition of its newsletter, Interchange:

Click here
to download the current edition.

The 8-page newsletter is designed to be easy to download and print, providing a portable update on the I-5 improvements and other north Los Angeles County transportation issues. Also, full-color… [more]

INFRA Grant Awarded

$47 Million Federal (INFRA) Grant Awarded to I-5 Project Improvements

Source: News release from Rep. Steve Knight

Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) announced after a conversation with U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will receive a $47 million Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant to relieve the traffic congestion in Santa Clarita on the I-5.

“Santa Clarita and the entire region will benefit enormously from this grant which will address the… [more]

The Case for I-5

Top Ten Reasons to Support Improvements to Interstate 5

The Golden State Gateway Coalition believes there are many great reasons to favor I-5 improvements in Northern Los Angeles County, and these are the Top 10. We've taken a closer look at each of them in the indicated editions of our newsletter:

1.  Relieve congestion and improve mobility  (Spring 2008)

2.  Public safety   (Summer-Fall 2009)

3.  To facilitate goods movement   (Winter 2008)

4.  Jobs and economic development   (Winter 2009)

5.  To accommodate growth in commerce and population (Spring 2011)

6.  Air quality and pollution abatement   (Spring 2009)

7.  Energy conservation   (Summer 2008)

8.  Homeland security and strategic importance (Winter 2010)

9.  Facilitate access to basic services: health care, education, police and
fire department (Summer 2010)

10.  Improve the quality of life for Californians and everyone who uses the I-5 (Summer 2011)

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