CTC OK’s I-5 Pavement Rehab

Coming Soon: $165 Million in Fresh Pavement

Not only are we getting new high occupancy vehicle lanes on Interstate 5 in north Los Angeles County — we’re also getting fresh pavement for existing lanes.
Setting the stage for a dramatic series of improvements to I-5 in the years ahead, the California Transportation Commission on Dec. 7 approved a $165 million pavement rehabilitation project for the I-5 in north L.A. County. 

As the CTC met in Riverside, among the items for consideration and approval were SHOPP projects (State Highway Operation and Protection Program) funding requested for allocation. The action taken by the Commission addressed funding that had already been approved and was now to be allocated. 

Of $190,038,000 allocated, $165,138,000 was allocated to the pavement rehabilitation project on I-5 in the Santa Clarita Valley. The project will extend from below the I-5/State Route 14 interchange to 1.7 miles beyond the Lake Hughes undercrossing. This Caltrans project has been designed and is scheduled to go out for construction bids early this year, followed by a construction start in spring.  

The allocation is separate from what Measure M will provide for carpool and truck lanes construction. Coordination is ongoing between Caltrans and Metro regarding pavement improvements and Metro-funded capacity enhancements (anticipated for 2019 construction start). 

Victor Lindenheim, executive director of the Golden State Gateway Coalition, said the fresh pavement coupled with new lanes will transform this stretch of I-5 into a smoother, better-flowing freeway: “This is an exciting time for I-5 in our part of the county. Thanks to the efforts of Caltrans and Metro, everyone who relies on the I-5 will benefit from these projects.”