Approved! State Transportation Commission Awards $247 Million for I-5 Improvements

Compiled from Interchange staff and news releases from Caltrans and Metro

The state has approved $2.7 billion in project funding that includes $247 million for the next phase of the Interstate 5 North Los Angeles County Capacity Enhancement Project, clearing the way for the highly anticipated addition of toll-free carpool lanes in northern Los Angeles County.

The decision by the California Transportation Commission was hailed by Golden State Gateway Coalition leaders as a major step forward for the coalition’s top-priority project.

“This is a major step in moving this much-needed project forward,” said Victor Lindenheim, executive director of the Golden State Gateway Coalition. “We’re very pleased that the California Transportation Commission agreed that the project should be among the state’s top priorities for highway construction funding.”

The $539.2 million I-5 (Golden State Freeway) Chokepoint Relief Project will add truck lanes, HOV lanes, auxiliary lanes, sound walls, and an ITS hub station. It will also widen seven bridges and improve access to the California Highway Patrol’s weigh station near the junction of I-5 and State Route 126.

The CTC’s decision also included funding for other highly anticipated transportaion projects in north Los Angeles County, including a new Metrolink station in Santa Clarita.

The competitive grants, to be funded through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1) were awarded to 64 projects throughout California to tackle congestion, support valuable trade corridors and bolster local agency efforts to invest in transportation. These three programs — the Solutions for Congested Corridors, Trade Corridor Enhancement and Local Partnership Programs —are vital infrastructure improvement programs created by SB 1.

“California is expected to keep growing, both economically and in population,” said Caltrans Director Laurie Berman. “These projects funded by SB 1 will help to ensure that we can keep our economy moving and growing, and ease commutes for our residents so they can move efficiently between destinations.”

The CTC approved the grants for these three competitive grants during their May commission meeting in San Diego.

Local Partnership 

The CTC awarded approximately $309 million to 27 projects to fund transportation improvements valued at more than $1.7 billion. This funding represents three years (fiscal years 2017-20) of matching funds for local entities that have already chosen to make their own investments in transportation.

The Local Partnership Program (LPP) was created by SB 1 to provide counties, cities and regional transportation agencies that have passed sales tax measures, developer fees or other voter-approved transportation fees with additional support for local projects from the state. The LPP creates a continuous appropriation of $200 million annually to fund road maintenance and rehabilitation, sound walls and other transportation improvement projects. These funds are distributed through a 50 percent statewide competitive component and a 50 percent formula component. The recipients of the formulaic component were finalized in March.

Local projects receiving funding include:

• The Vista Canyon Metrolink Station Project ($8.9 million grant): This $28.2 million project will construct a new Metrolink Station in the city of Santa Clarita, adding new railroad track; signal improvements; drainage improvements; a 25,000-square-foot center platform; grade-separated pedestrian access; construct a new parallel rail track and rail bridge; and new rail signal.

The final approved project list, by county, for the Local Partnership Program Competitive Program can be found at .

Solutions for Congested Corridors Program

SB 1 created the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program, which provides $250 million annually for multimodal corridor plans that make performance improvements along the state’s busiest highways. Approved projects and plans provide more transportation choices while preserving the character of local communities and creating opportunities for neighborhood enhancement projects.

The CTC approved four years’ worth of funding (Fiscal years 2017-18 to 2020-21) totaling approximately $1 billion to nine projects statewide as part of this program. These projects are valued at approximately $3.5 billion.

L.A. County projects receiving funding include:

• The Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Transit Station Project In Los Angeles County: This $525.2 million project will create a multimodal transit station with a light rail station, transit station/terminal building, bus plaza, bicycle hub, pedestrian plaza, and passenger pick-up and drop-off.

The final approved project list, by county, for the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program can be found at .

Trade Corridor 

Enhancement Program

California is the nation’s largest gateway for international trade and domestic commerce, and freight movement generates about a third of California’s $2.2 trillion economy. Because of its importance and expected growth, SB 1 provides $300 million annually for projects related to routes and infrastructure vital to California’s trade and freight economy. Three years’ worth of funding (fiscal years 2017-20) totaling approximately $1.4 billion was awarded to 28 projects, valued at more than $4 billion.

In addition to the I-5 project, other Southland projects receiving funding include:

• The State Route 34 (Fifth St.) Rice Avenue Grade Separation Project in Ventura County: This $79 million project will grade separate the existing overcrossing and widen it from four lanes to six lanes; and install connector roads, signals, and sidewalks.

• The State Route 57/60 Confluence Project: Choke Point Relief Program: This $288.6 million project will provide eastbound improvements, including interchange modifications, auxiliary lanes and three new bridges.

The final approved project list, by county, for the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program can be found at .

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