The Golden State Gateway Coalition is a non-profit transportation, education and advocacy organization based in Santa Clarita. Our members include community leaders, business leaders and government officials who live in, work in and represent the interests of the fastest growing sub-region in Los Angeles County.

Our goal is to improve roadway mobility, safety and goods movement into and through northern Los Angeles County. The Interstate 5 corridor is our priority. 

We believe there are many factors in favor of making I-5 a more effective transportation corridor, and here are our “Top 10” reasons we believe the improvements warrant support:
1.    Relieve congestion and improve mobility
2.    Public safety
3.    To facilitate goods movement
4.    Jobs and economic development
5.    To accommodate growth in commerce and population
6.    Air quality and pollution abatement
7.    Energy conservation
8.    Homeland security and strategic importance
9.    Facilitate access to basic services: healthcare, education, police and fire department
10.  Improve the quality of life for Californians and everyone who uses the I-5.

Virtually everyone. Every California business, resident, consumer and traveler depends on the safety and efficiency of the I-5 freeway. Since it is a valuable link between the northern and southern portions of the state, the health of I-5 is important not only to those who live near it and commute on it every day, but also every person throughout the state who relies on safe, efficient transportation of goods and services through this corridor.

Caltrans has proposed to add northbound and southbound truck lanes and carpool (high occupancy vehicle) lanes to the I-5 corridor in northern Los Angeles County. This would greatly improve passenger and commercial vehicle mobility and safety in this busy and important corridor. Click here for a Caltrans fact sheet that outlines the various project alternatives.

According to the MTA, adding carpool and truck lanes to the I-5 north of the I-5/SR14 interchange would increase roadway capacity by 50 percent in the vicinity of Calgrove Boulevard and the Newhall Pass.

In northern Los Angeles County, the I-5 currently carries more than 200,000 vehicles every day. This includes more than 19,000 trucks. These daily numbers add up to a staggering 73 MILLION vehicles — including 7 million trucks — every year. As commerce and population growth occur in Southern California, these numbers will increase.

No. The I-5 freeway is already nearly at capacity. With Los Angeles County’s population expected to grow by 3 million in the next two decades, it would soon be beyond its capacity without major improvements. Traffic is projected to increase by 65 percent in the next 10 years and 114 percent in the next 20 years. Airport passenger and cargo traffic in the Los Angeles-southern Kern County region is expected to double in the next two decades, while seaport traffic is expected to triple.

Los Angeles County’s fastest-growing sub-region is the northern portion of the county, including the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys.

A proposal for adding carpool (HOV) and truck lanes was originally suggested by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Specific project alternatives, environmental and other studies to move the project forward have been proposed by Caltrans.

The total cost of the project has yet to be determined, depending on the alternative selected. Estimates are in the range of $250 million, with funding coming from county, state and federal sources. Initial federal funding of $1.6 million was authorized for the project in the national surface transportation authorization bill (SAFETEA-LU), passed in July 2005.

Phase 1 (truck lanes) is complete and Caltrans is in the process of completing initial project scoping, design and environmental studies for Phase 2 (HOV lanes). Status updates will be posted on the Coalition’s Web site throughout the process. 

There are several ways you can express your support. You can join our coalition by making a contribution that is appropriate to your level of commitment to the project and ability to invest. The Coalition regularly sends members-only bulletins on the progress of the I-5 improvements and other transportation projects of interest. Members will also have access to special opportunities and events provided by the Coalition. If you are unable to join at this time, but would like to express your support and stay informed on the Coalition’s efforts, you can be added to our newsletter mailing list at no cost.

Victor Lindenheim, executive director of the Coalition, would be glad to answer your questions. You can reach him at:


Phone: 661-775-0455

Mail: Golden State Gateway Coalition
28042 Avenue Stanford, Unit E
Santa Clarita, CA 91355